Alphabet Soup

So here’s the thing we shot in class yesterday.  I call it Alphabet Soup.   It’s just a rough cut, and the sound is a mess (which I take full responsibility for) but take a look at it.

Remember that this is the standard way to cover a conversation, when two people are next to each other.  This is paint by numbers, but you should be able to do it.  So,  after watching, now think about the following:

1)It took me about an hour and a half to slop together this rough cut.  Which means that for a sequence that’s roughly 80 seconds we shot for 45minutes and I edited for 90min.  Which give us a ratio of 2hrs 15min of work to get a Rough Cut of 80 seconds.   Your webisodes will be about four times that length.  Plus you’ll have a script and not just the alphabet.

2)Notice how the closeups really draw you into the character’s emotions.

3)Notice how because you have all the coverage you can create reactions and make the characters seem like they’re really reacting to each other.  Notice how Corey and Rob react to Zeke.  Notice how the editing creates a sense that the characters are looking at each other.  This is, at the very least, what you want to create.  That sense of interaction.

So, that’s your lesson on basic coverage.  Wide shot, Medium Shot, Close up, Close up.  Plus cutaways to Zeke.  That’s it!

Use it wisely!


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