Around the Blogs

On the blogs this week some good stuff is happening. Over at her blog, Kristen continues an insightful discussion about the relationship between photographer and subject. I wonder, how does one represent her ruminations visually, in video form?

Lukewarm Spaghetti asks a provocative question. It’s on point with her theme, and it’s fun to watch someone work through important questions. Also, I’d bet lots of people have a take on this question. In addition both of the above blogs have  generated comments from complete strangers! Someone out there is reading…gasp!

Il Capitano continues an informal, though potentially rich discussion, of in “between” complete with appropriate visuals. This line of thinking can potentially make you look at the images he shows you in a new way. Which is the point of creative work, no?

Elsewhere, Johnny Hopkins walks us through one of his favorite pieces of graffiti, Steve shows us a crazy film about leaving, and Brandon finds inspiration in the movie Cars.


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