Cool Images

Images are complex. They communicate a lot, but not always as clearly or unambigiously as words. But that’s what makes them cool. And, some images are just way more interesting than others.

Here’s one example from a series I like called Trees.

At first you’re not sure what you’re looking at, and as you figure it out, you realize what the images are doing. Sort of separating nature from the landscape. Making the natural look somehow unnatural, like a billboard.


I also kind of dig some of this series called Clinic. I like the way the compositions are very orderly – flat, balanced, not a lot of color – but the subjects of the photos suggest trauma and chaos. I also like the way the photos , through composition , color, etc remove the subjects from their environment. This is not documentary photography , it’s more like portraiture.


For people who want to make images, either the still kind or the moving kind, it’s not a luxury to look at interesting images. It’s essential. It’s your job. Finding cool images is the best way to find inspiration and think about the sorts of images we want to make. And trying to figure out, to say, why we like what we like, what we think images are doing, is part of our job.

If you think these are interesting, or you totally hate them, leave a comment. Lemme know what you think.


One Response to “Cool Images”

  1. alexnizolek Says:

    I like tree collection, although the last picture made me very dizzy and I couldn’t look at it too long. I like how the photographer placed the backdrops behind each tree. I think it makes the tree itself look whimsical in a otherwise natural environment. Despite the lack of color,the pictures are bold and grab your attention.

    I also like the idea of the Clinic collection, but the link you provided links back to the CMM215 blog : )

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